FAQ frequently asked questions

Our typical sea kayak day trip last about 4 to 5 hours, including few breaks and time to eat something (we do not provide food or lunch). After a short briefing on the beach we will paddle along the shoreline to explore the local coastal features. Usually the trip will bring us to a place about 3 or 4 nautical miles from the starting point and then we paddle back to the base.
All the equipment needed is provided, you want to bring with you the following items:
- a lycra T-shirt (very important to wear under the life vest)
- swimming suite (during summer a jump into the sea is a must)
- sun glasses, hat and sun screen (protection from the sun is important)
- personal medicines or other items you need with you
Since we live far from our base we can do only day-trips or multy-day trips for a couple or small groups. For groups of many people we can organize shorter activities.
Yes, sure! It is very important you can swim (for sea kayaking), and if conditions are good (like most of the times) we can do all the activities. Moreover, the activity time and the lenght of the trip is builded around the participants level, so in example we will cover more miles for skilled people and shorter distances for beginners.
To rent the sea kayak kit and do a self guided trip you should have an EPP level 3 or equivalent (Euro Paddle Pass). It is fine if your group has a guide that will took the leadership, in this case he/she will have in charge all responsibilities.
Our company can give you contacts and suggestions, depending on where you want to do the activity.
We stongly reccommend you get your own accident and personal injury insurance. Our guides and instructors are covered by their third parts damage and injury insurances. If you like we can provide an insurance for an extra charge.
You can send us an e-mail to make the choice of an activity day and check availability. Once we set a date your booking is done. For groups larger than 4 people the 15% of the payment should be done ten days before the activity day and the remaining part could be payed cash. Payments with credit cards can even be done in advance on-line with PayPal secure payments and we will send you the invoice by e-mail. For PayPal payments there is a 4% additional charge.
If your cancellation is made at least four days before the activity we will refund all the previous payment except the 4% for the PayPal method.
If weather conditions are dangerous for that kind of activity we will cancel the trip, refunding all the previous payment except the 4% for the PayPal method. If suitable we can do another activity or we try again on the following days.