Etna Trekking excursions on volcano' slopes

Hiking on lava fields

  • #1 - Serracozzo
    Lovely trekking to the Serracozzo lava tube and the Serra delle Concazze ridge with a view over the magnificent Valle del Bove erosional valley.
  • #2 - Timparossa
    A varied hiking from the landscape of the volcanic desert to the Timparossa beech forest with its refuge, through the recent lava flow that in 2001 destroyed the ski station.
  • #3 - Schiena dell'Asino
    Naturalistic walk on the southern flank of the volcano with a visit to the 1892 craters, through pine forests, grasslands and deposits of volcanic ash up to the panorama over the Valle del Bove, under the summit craters and a great seaview.
  • #4 - Bosco Milia
    A walk up to 2000m above sea level, through the characteristic pine forests of Mt. Etna surrounded by lava flows, along a path full of naturalistic interests.