Aeolian Islands volcanic arch

The seven sisters

Off-shore, 10 nautical miles North of Sicily, seven volcanic islands rise from a 2 km deep sea floor.
The aim of this expedition is to disclose the countless wonders of these islands, which were inhabited by humans since the Bronze Age.
This is not only a sea kayaking journey but also a dive into the past, with inward explorations, along crater edges, obsidian flows and remains of troglodyte villages.
Accomodation in hotels, B&Bs, campsites.
Decent paddling skills are required, not for total beginners but not extreme.
Sun, sea, volcanoes and action ... An unforgettable outdoor week awaits you.
Ah, don't forget your swimsuit !!!

2019 October 9th - 16th

  • 9th October - transfer to Aeolian islands
  • from 10th to 15th - exploration of the islands
  • 16th October - transfer back to the mainland
Nearest airport: Catania.