South Eastern corner of Sicily

Southernmost point Expedition

This 5 days trip is starting from north of Catania and is going to end in South Sicily. We will cover an average of 15 nautical miles per day but depending on the weather conditions and participants levels it could be reduced to cover a shorter daily distance.
Being high season the accomodation in B&B or small hotels will not be guaranteed so the adaptability and the willingness to sleep in a tent for some nights is mandatory.
40 euros/day per person for the equipment (kayak, PFD, paddle, spray skirt, kayak shoes, dry bags, tent, mattress, stove).
125 euros/day as a salary for the guide to be divided between the participants.
Hotels, restaurants, food, driks, B&Bs, campsites, transfers costs, pick-ups and drop-offs - if needed - are not included.

2019 July 16th - 20th

  • 15th July - arrivals and set-up
  • 20th July - debriefing and departures