Services linked to our activities

Make a Gift

Buy a gift for your friends, offer them an unforgettable outdoor adventurous day.

Pick-up & Drop-off

Only for our customers, this extra service make the day much more relaxing.

Wine Tasting

We love wine, we make it too, we know the best places where you can taste and learn about it.

Drone footage

Ask for a great drone film of your outdoor adventure over the sea or on top of the mountains!

Pictures of the day

This is a free service, we took photos during the activity and share the pics with you.

Workshop and repairs

No worries, you're on holiday. Both for kayaks and bicycles we can fix your toys!


Let us know if you're looking for a nice place to stay near your favorite outdoor activity.

Bike rental

Knowing this in advance we can set the bicycles you can use during your holiday.


We are more than happy if we can provide any kind of information you need on your Sicily holiday.